Thursday, June 3, 2010

We'll miss you, friends!

We love you and will miss you, Brian, Nate, Lauren, Sarah, Sarah, Josh, Kristin, Hunter, John and Pat!!! You've been such a beautiful and important part of our EDGE experience over the past year. We know that you have made eternal fingerprints on all of the lives you've impacted and trust that you will continue to do so as you are lead in different directions.Please continue to keep in touch and let us know how we can be praying for you!

Will be pursuing his law degree at University of Colorado, Boulder in the fall. Pray that he'll be able to do well and find balance as he re-enters into the academic setting.

Will be joining the Marine Corps in October while his wife Michaela will be staying at the University of Maine until the end of the semester before joining him. Pray for vision for ministry among the marines and that he'll be able to endure and flourish during his time there.

Moving to Boston to pursue a teaching job and possibly volunteer part-time with the ministry at Boston University and/or City Life. Pray for easy transition, finding a job and housing.

Sarah C.:
Getting married July 3 and will be moving to Philadelphia with her new husband. Would love to pursue a degree in pastoral counseling. Prayer request for boldness and against the intrinsic fears that come with transition.

Sarah S.:
Will be the 7-12th grade choral direction at the Des Moines Christian School. Pray that she will continue being a laborer and discipler in the school among staff and students. John 12.24

Josh, Kristin and Hunter:
Will be moving to Australia for 5-7 years to help pioneer college ministry with the Navigators. Be praying for the LORD to provide as their budget is doubling. Also pray that the LORD would provide community for them in Cedar Falls. Isaiah 43:4

Unsure about where God is taking him in the next season of life but regardless desires a lifetime vision for pouring into people. He has applied and had a second interview on 5/21 for a tutoring program for inner-city kids to get into private high schools. His desire and prayer is to be a laborer wherever he is. Pray for direction, provision and open doors.

He is beginning the year-long process of studying for/taking the LSAT and applying to law school. He will be staying at the University of Illinois to volunteer until hopefully going to law school next fall. He'll be spending four months studying for the LSAT. His prayer is that his identity would be built upon Christ and not his performance or acceptance; that he would work heard and trust God for the results.


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